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Berlin Apartment is at Barnimstrasse 12 in Berlin – right in the heart of this amazing city. Here you have the very best attractions, history and transport right at your doorstep.Berlin Apartment offers excellent central accommodation as well as a true historical experience.


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Much of Berlin’s urban design was developed out of circumstance and a distinct feature of its landscape is the Plattenbau, examples of which can be seen throughout the city. Berlin Apartment gives you the chance to experience this unique style of housing, by seeing it from the inside! The Plattenbau is an integral part of Berlin’s history and its culture. Only a few holiday apartments in Berlin offer such a nice experience.

A stay with us at Berlin Apartment gives you the chance to live like locals. In fact, for a short while, they’ll be your neighbours. Here you can live and learn a part of Berlin’s history that you really won’t find in the guidebooks. As well as a great comfortable apartment in a fabulous location, we also offer helpful and interesting information. The main tourism website can be found at www.visitberlin.de and of course Lonely Planet has some great suggestions too. All your local transport information is at www.bvg.de and over 200 museums, memorials, palaces and sights can be trawled through at the Museumsportal.

We hope through our website you can find interesting and unique insights to the city. We strive to make your visit to Berlin everything you wanted it to be. We offer insider knowledge, fresh from locals. For a unique stay in Berlin, stay with us in Berlin Apartment. Want to know more? Check out our Blog for great stories, history and helpful tips.