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Learn German in Berlin

Berlin is a great city to learn German in! There are many people here from different countries, all learning it too so you will always find someone to practice with. There are so many ways to learn German and many people can even teach themselves. There are apps, and conversation groups, meet ups, podcasts and more. The best way to discover is to talk to other people and find out how they learn German!

But of course you must start somewhere if you don’t speak any German at all and we think the best language school by far is Kapitel Zwei! The school is a great place for people who are new to Berlin to learn German. It is small and welcoming and the team at Kapitel Zwei are very friendly. They can offer great support to people who are new to Berlin, whether you are just visiting or planning to make it your new home. Kapitel Zwei school is inside the very distinctive Berliner Zeitung building at Alexanderplatz at Karl-Liebknecht Strasse 29 – just a short walk from the apartment.

Learn German with Kapitel Zwei

Learn German with Kapitel Zwei. Image © Wikipedia


There are of course a lot of German speakers here (many of whom want to practice their English with you), but Berlin is a very international city too. Most people find it very easy to find a conversation partner who speaks their native language, to practice their German with. There are also a lot of conversation evenings where you can drop in, share some wine, speak some German and make new friends at the same time. For more handy tips about how to learn German, check out our blog post We Speak Deutsch! Once you have a few sentences you can start to talk to the locals and this is the real way to discover the city. You will also have the pleasure of being able to converse with Frau Schroder. She has so many great stories about life in Berlin and is very passionate about the city.